Beginning of the Year Checklist For Canvas

The team at created a document to help teachers prepare their Canvas account at the beginning of the year. Below is an updated list for South Sanpete teachers. Enjoy!


** Click on the links to go to more resources. Link will show after you click. Click on the link or copy it.

Set Up Account Notifications
To ensure you receive communication from students, set up your Notification Preferences and contact method in your Canvas Account. 
*Show students how to set up their notification preferences.
Customize Course Detail Settings
Want to add a picture to the course card students see in their dashboard or change the name of your course? Go to Course Details in Course Settings. 
*Don’t forget to select Update Course Details at the bottom once you update the settings
Simplify Course Navigation
For optimum course experience, hide unnecessary course navigation links. 
Choose Home Page
The Home Page is the first impression of a course. Select the Home Page option that best fits the needs of your course.
*Include visuals to engage your students and incorporate important information about your course. 
Publish Course and Content
Check visibility of individual items and Modules as a whole. Don’t forget to publish your course
*Remember: You can unpublish any items you don’t want students to see.
Review Course in Student View 
Review your course content from Student View to experience your course from a student perspective. 
*Some third party tools may not have student view functionality
*Student View adds a test student to Grades. After participating in Student View, enter your Gradebook as a teacher to view any Test Student entries
*You may want to select Validate Links in your Course Settings to ensure there are no broken links
Other Options to Consider                                         
Select Favorite Courses
Customize which course cards are displayed on the Dashboard by “Favoriting” courses based on preference, current term, quarter, semester, etc. 
*Once courses are displayed, you can also give the course a “Nickname” visible only to you
Add Syllabus
Add the current syllabus to your course. 
*You can add it to the Course Syllabus tool, as a File link in your course, onto a Course Page and any other way you would find useful 
Manage Files
Upload and review course folders and files. Manage the visibility of content by Publishing, Unpublishing or Restricting Access to folders and files.
*You can bulk upload files
Import Content (If Applicable)
You may need to manually copy course content from another course or a previous term or the Canvas Commons.
*Make sure to check “include completed courses” to copy from previous terms
Clean Up Migrated Content (If Applicable)
If migrating content from another course, you need to review individual items, check course settings, organize content, and remove unneeded content before publishing your course. Review the Files, Modules, Pages, Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions index pages.
*Removing items from a module does not delete the items from your course. If you need to delete an item go to the index page
*You may want to check out the Instructor Canvas Guides and the LMS Migration Strategies Group in the Canvas Community 
Verify Calendar (If Applicable)
Check the Calendar tool to verify Assignment due dates and Events scheduled for your course. 
*The Calendar displays graded/published Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and Events with due dates*The Calendar tool allows for drag-and-drop options to easily manipulate and change due dates

Please contact your Canvas lead teacher at your school or Jodi Anderson if you have questions.

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