Canvas Grade Passback

Canvas is the LMS that many schools use in Utah. At the beginning of the year, there are some tasks that need to be completed to set it up. Grade Passback is a feature that allows grades in Canvas to go straight to PowerSchool or another SIS system. There are a few steps to get it to work.

  1. Set up categories in Power Teacher Pro (PTP)
    • Go to Grading>Categories
    • Set up the categories that you want (button at top of page)
    • Make sure categories are active (green checkmark)
  2. Set up categories in Canvas
    • Go to Assignments listed in the side navigation bar.
    • Choose 3 dot menu on the upper right side.
    • Select “Enable Sync to PowerSchool PTP.” If that choice is not available, choose “Import Assignment Groups.”
    • Categories from PTP will appear after a minute or two. You can go away from the page and then check later to make sure it worked.
  3. Enable Daily Sync in Canvas
    • Go to Monitoring and Reporting in the side navigation bar in your class.
    • Choose the tab that says sync at the top.
    • Check the box in front of “Schedule Daily Sync.”
    • Choose save.
  4. Grade Passback is set up.

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