Google File Stream – Secret in Plain “Site”

When looking for your Google files, you can do it straight from your computer. Seriously! No getting on the internet and then opening up Google Drive. Just open Finder from the Mac Dock and in the “My Drive” folder there is a list of all your Google Drive files. It looks like this: 

Prior to seeing the files, you’ll need to download Google File Stream. This is only available to those who have a G Suite account. Additional steps can be found at the post “Installing Google File Stream to Your Mac Computer. “

Here’s the “bees knees” — you can manage your files from Finder! No more taking three or more steps to get a document in the desired folder – just drag it into the file in one step. Here’s how:

  • Open “Finder” and then “My Drive” on your computer. Everything in your Google Drive is shown. Put similar items together in folders.

In the future, when you create a new Google Doc or other Google file, you will see it in “My Drive.” From there you can decide how to organize it.
When you want to open a file, do it right from Finder. It will open in your default internet browser. It’s so convenient!
For more information go to the Google Drive Help Center

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