Organizing Digital Files

“I know that Halloween worksheet is here somewhere. I had it last year!”

Can you easily find a digital file on your computer? It’s easy to save everything to the desktop, but pretty soon your desktop might look something like this:

This works. However, if you want to be able to find your files quickly and easily, read on.

Group Similar Items Together

The organizing system of Mac is folders and subfolders. Folders can have dozens of subfolders making it a great way to group similar items together. Here’s how: 

  • Find two similar items. Think of a category that describes them. Right click on your desktop to make a new folder.
  • Double click on the folder to name it.
  • Drag the two similar items into the folder.
  • Continue by repeating this process. Make another folder for similar items, name it, drag similar items into it.

Pretty soon your desktop may resemble this image. Great job! Don’t stop now.

Create SubFolders (A folder in a folder)

Look at the names of folders on your desktop and look for similar topics. Do some of the folders relate to math? Make a new folder titled “Math” and place any folder that relates to math in that folder. Continue this process until you have only a small amount of folders left. If there are unrelated items that don’t seem to have a place, consider creating a folder called “Miscellaneous” that can hold these folders.

Doesn’t that look amazing! Give yourself a pat on the back. 

Just one more step to really be organized.

Make the Appearance of Total Organization

Let’s hide those files so you don’t see them constantly! 

  • Look for the Finder on the left side of the dock. Click on it. Find and click on “Desktop.” Based on the view you choose at the top, you can see a list of the items on your desktop or icons.

Time to be brave!

Drag all the files from the desktop into the “Documents” folder.

Your desktop is beautiful!

Now the hard part. Keep it clean. From now on, when you want to access your files, open Finder and look in Documents.

It will make you smile every time you see your clean desktop!

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